Moblize.IT LLC

Find key information from CRM such as Salesforce, Oracle, Freshsales on Teams

No need to login to your CRM every time just to lookup or update frequently required information. does all that in a flash and supercharges the Sales Team's productivity. Below are some of those capabilities:

1. Ability to look up recent open opportunities and update quickly right from teams.

2. Ability to look up recent open leads. These leads can be qualified or retired right from there.

3. Ability to look up most recent contacts and search a contact by name.

4. Ability to look up the most recent accounts and search accounts by name.

5. Ability to check upcoming meetings and tasks

6. Ability to check day summary

7. Ability to view pending call reports and log them

8. Ability to look up open SRs.

Accounts lookup has another exciting ability to enrich accounts using our powerful knowledge base. This is all available right from our teams app. Our knowledge base is continuously expanding and adding 1000s of new companies every single day. Accounts not on our tracklist are added immediate