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CRM/ERP Chatbot to speed up the sales process

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a leading collaboration platform across the business world. It is also fast becoming a frontend application for carrying out core business activities. The chatbots are pervasive, intuitive and very easy to use that the users can accomplish their business tasks of enterprise nature comfortably without having to be at work or having to use a traditional computer. Our enterprise chatbots bring many core SAP operations to fore that can be performed by various business roles and personas using natural conversational type of chat interactions. Microsoft Teams and its Chatbot Framework creates a perfect platform for interfacing with heavy duty enterprise systems like SAP with high concurrency, data security and high productivity.\nOur chatbots are offered across various business personas at different levels of an enterprise. Most suitable for high-flying executives who are kept informed about their business operations through the applications like CFO dashboard. Sales teams, who are mostly on the road and work across several time zones, can pursue their opportunities and track their sales using key account management, opportunity dashboards like pipeline and lead generation features. Following up with the contacts and the sales team can be performed through the integrated voice and text messages; working through the Microsoft365 productivity tools - Calendar, SharePoint or Planner.\nOur chatbot applications initializes itself based on the role of the user that are standard in SAP solutions. CFO dashboard offers a high-level KPI dashboard showing the company’s current financial position. The indicators can be drilled down for further detail. The Sales Manager can start with the opportunity pipeline where she can assign tasks and follow up with the activities. Each item can be viewed for more details. An Account Manager can view the most recent Customer360 view of her key customers, the current opportunity pipeline, recently fulfilled contracts and their overall customer satisfactions. She can also pursue on the Account Receivables that are outstanding and interact with the financial controllers, all through the chatbot application.\nThe users from different enterprise functions can focus on carrying out the business activities regardless of the backend systems. Our chatbots work seamlessly across systems that support ERP, CRM, accounting and internal processes like IT and HR. The solution smartly switches between the backend systems depending on the nature of transaction. Most importantly, the users are highly productive without having to launch the enterprise application frontends on their computers or their mobile phones.\nThese highly customizable chatbots can be customized for the clients who have their SAP configured to their highly specific business processes. The open standards ensure that the clients can customize the applications themselves or engage a 3rd party Microsoft partner. The implementation follows the ubiquitous DevOps CI/CD process with Azure toolkit that ensures that the chatbot reflects the most recent version of the enterprise business processes.

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