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Quickly clarify responsibilities. Interfaces to AI, IoT and cloud services included!

"Who takes care of it?" - As soon as tasks are completed in a team, quickly clarifying this question is crucial for an efficient process. The increasing acceleration of processes through the use of AI, IoT and cloud services are often a challenge for innovative teams. GroupLotse for Microsoft Teams offers a simple and cost-effective solution to overcome these challenges.

What features does the GroupLotse add-in for Microsoft Teams offer?

• Registration for the GroupLotse service (permanently free version available!)

• Creation of individual assistants, also known as GroupLotses, for different team channels

• Configuration of interfaces for your GroupLotses (Webhook, MQTT, E-Mail, SMS)

• Extending your GroupLotses with interfaces and rules (filters, group decision, direct actions and reminders)

• Forwarding of interface messages to one or more channels in Microsoft Teams by your individual GroupLotses

• Clarification of responsibility in the team channel, who takes over a task and how they should proceed in the process

• Application control on receipt of new interface messages from the team channel by group decisions or automatically (direct actions)

• Full operation capacity via Microsoft Teams

Start improving your team's performance with GroupLotse today. Add the GroupLotse add-in to Microsoft Teams and follow the registration process.

• Sign up to GroupLotse (we have a permanently free version for you! For more features, we offer you different paid versions)

• Here is our Quick-Start-Guide for Microsoft Teams

• You can find more useful information on our website

Start with our permanently free version and create up to five GroupLotse for five team-channels of your choice!

We currently support registrations from all EU countries.

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