Flowdoh for Teams

Enadoc Pte Ltd

The fastest and easiest way to process Flowdoh Workflows on the go

Power your organization with Business Process Management and automation

Flowdoh is a Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow automation solution that transforms organizations with efficient collaboration and optimized automated processes through a low-code workflow engine.

This allows fast workflow building and business process automation without the costly and tedious procedures. It is an easy-to-use, web-based solution for all your organizational needs.

Make Work Simple Again:

Automate Business Processes & Be Remote-Ready

Customize and create forms, define, and trigger workflows, automate existing manual processes on the fly. Deploy in just a few hours and transform your workforce to be digital-ready.

Compatibility King

Seamlessly integrate with core business applications via connectors and API. Integrate with core business apps ERP, CRM, and HRIS systems. Connect with productivity apps, Office 365, and G Suite.

Ease of Use for Productivity

With a user-friendly interface, end users can easily transition into a more productive environment. Reduce operational costs by doing away with repetitive manual processes. Make teams more productive and strategic.

The Perfect Companion for Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Experience best in class task management, approve workflows directly in Outlook, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. Integrate a Flowdoh BOT for Microsoft Teams and experience a seamless approval process on Office 365.

Low Code Environment and Team Collaboration

Visualize, map, and plan processes through easy drag and drop. Collaborate with teams to build the perfect workflow for your business.

Create Valuable Ai Based Insights and Visualizations

Easily monitor initiated workflows, keep audit trails across systems, and derive insights from organizational processes built on Flowdoh.

Integrated Document Management

Flowdoh comes with its own DMS which serves as a secure vault for business information. Go paperless and easily digitize files from multiple sources: mobile, scanner, email. Comply with data privacy and international audit standards.

Flowdoh BOT Overview

Created by: Enadoc Pty Ltd.

Version: Version 1.5

In addition to the Workspace Inbox designed to approve and process Workflows, this Teams integration BOT will provide an easier and seamless interaction.

• Approval/Rejection of authorization-based Workflows via MS-Teams.

• Customizable summary of information display with embeddable images for better UI/UX.

• Post-approval reviewing using Flowdoh Workspace.

• Quick and easy on the go approval with added mobility for handheld devices.

• This App Solves the following problems

1. The hassle of logging into Flowdoh Workspace to process Workflows.

2. Saves the time spent on processing Workflows.

3. Quickly review transactions based on the customizable information display.

4. Easily approve multiple transactions without having to go through detailed forms.


• Any organizational users with access to Flowdoh Services

• Suitable for any industry and any market


In order to use Flowdoh BOT App, you need to subscribe to Flowdoh services and should have an active Flowdoh account. Please contact our support team at in order to send us a message or book a demo.

Please visit us at to get to know our other products.

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