Cultr Connect


Cultr Connect brings your culture action to Microsoft Teams.

The Cultr Connect app now brings a gamified employee experience to the place where your employees spend most of their time. Instead of using the separate Cultr app, the Cultr platform can now run within Microsoft Teams. The Cultr Connect integration allows you to give all your Microsoft Teams users easy access the Cultr platform. Where Microsoft Teams excels at productivity and collaboration, Cultr adds another level of boosting culture and engagement. In remote or work-from-home organisations the Cultr platform can improve belonging and reduce feelings of isolation, or strengthen organisational culture which may need some attention.

Your users can see what missions their colleagues have done and like and comment on their mission posts. The Cultr Connect app integrates the content feed from the Cultr platform as tabs in the Microsoft Teams app. In this first release of the Cultr Connect app, your users can not actually do missions. To do missions the users currently still need to use the Cultr app. Cultr Connect is easy to integrate within Microsoft Teams, after an account has been created on the Cultr platform.

To use this app, you and your users must belong to an organisation that has registered as a customer on the Cultr platform. Please go to or contact our sales team at for a demo.

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