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The secret weapon for your PowerPoint presentation

ExpertSlides is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that simplifies the creation and design of high-quality PowerPoint presentations. Hundreds of industry specific templates. Directly integrated in PowerPoint. The menu navigation of ExpertSlides allows easy management of files and designs and integrates several functions.

ExpertSlides aims to significantly increase your productivity in your daily work, with time savings of up to 85%.

Features of ExpertSlides:

• Access an ever-expanding asset library of hundreds of subject-specific slide templates, images, graphics and icons directly in Microsoft PowerPoint.

• In your own cloud storage, you can upload ppt files, images and icons and edit them directly in PowerPoint.

• Use your own master slide templates. With a few clicks you can customize the created presentation in your CI colors.

• Try the free version and get access to AI-optimized slide designs that will inspire your audience.

Get your free access now. Premium access or the lifetime license is required for some features. The tool is available in English and German.

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