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Provides a concise visual summary of the distribution and key statistical measures of a dataset.

Box ploty is a statistical visualization tool that provide valuable insights into the distribution and key statistical measures of a dataset. As data complexity increases in various domains, box plots offer a concise and informative way to understand data characteristics, detect outliers, and make data-driven decisions. The orientation of a box plot plays a crucial role in how data is presented and interpreted. Box plots can be oriented both horizontally and vertically. A horizontal box plot is often used when comparing distributions across different categories or groups, enabling a quick visual comparison of data spread and central tendencies. On the other hand, a vertical box plot is well-suited for visualizing the distribution of a single dataset, allowing viewers to grasp the data's range and quartile values effortlessly. In addition to the traditional box-and-whisker components, some box plots incorporate individual dots to represent individual data points. These dots are especially useful when a dataset contains a relatively small number of data points or when outliers are scattered throughout the dataset. Box ploty also supports zoom, cross filtering, context menu etc..,

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