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Visualize process data, tickets, tasks, project phases and timelines with up to millisecond accuracy

No more inefficient processes, time difficulties in project plans or lack of transparency.


Our Gantt visual is a useful tool for monitoring processes. It displays all completed and planned tasks in an overview. The millisecond accuracy, the comprehensive process analysis and the flexibility and adaptability are just a few things which makes our Gantt visual unique.



The Gantt Visual…

• helps you to optimize your processes

• can identify areas for improvement by analyzing existing workflows

• can be used to display log data to monitor running processes

• makes it easy for you to find potential bottlenecks in a process

• interacts with other visualizations

• has various settings for formatting via the powerful menu

• can filter other visualizations



The Gantt Visual shows:

• start and end dates of a project/activity

• time and duration of each activity

• workflows

• project phases

• duration of each activity



Required data:

The data in the form of event logs is required for the representation of processes and process sequences:


• Parent category

• Category

• Start timestamp

• End timestamp



Find the documentation on how to use the Gantt visual here:

Documentation Gantt visual



About SCvation:


SCvation GmbH specializes in business intelligence solutions, offering expertly crafted visuals for both Microsoft Power BI and MicroStrategy. Our visuals help to uncover insights of your data for making strategic decisions.

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