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Creates a plan on a page or gantt timeline for multiple projects with edge-wrap and change tracking.


Visualize your projects and portfolio plans with the Traqplan Timeline:

Traqplan timeline was designed by project professionals for project professional and used actively across the industries such as construction, government and defence sectors to visualize complex programmes in a simple manner. It excels at producing clean views in multiple themes such as plan-on-a-page, or gantt while providing users the ability to easily change their scaling and view layouts with a dynamic settings dialog to allow individual users to tailor the view to suit their needs without changing the default published version.

View all your projects/programs/portfolios with data from one or multiple sources.

Get online help or downline the sample .pbix file from appsource for guidance.


  • View one project or your entire portfolio at a glance
  • Extremely clean interface which takes care of edge-of-page wrapping for clean presentation every time
  • Track changes: monitor progress against a baseline or changes since previous reporting period with red slippage lines and green recovery lines.
  • Identify completed tasks. Completed tasks can be displayed as greyed out
  • Users can tailor their own views and scaling using scroll bars and the dynamic settings dialog
  • Multiple layouts
    • Create a plan on a page view to see more on the page
    • Gantt view for the traditional layout commonly used when viewing a single project
    • Milestones only view to get rid of clutter
    • Milestones as phases to show them as bars rather than diamonds
  • Configure swimlane groups: drag and drop any fields to create a hierarchy of swimlanes
  • Advanced swimlanes using outline numbers: When importing data from planning tools such as Microsoft Project or equivalent then bring across the outline number to mirror the project structure
  • Show Milestones as Phases layout is often useful to show a lot of projects which have common stages/phases in a very condensed view one above the other
  • Add a vertical line at any date, colour and style desired
  • Zoom and scale use automatic font sizing or manually set the font sizing
  • Text layout: text is shown inside bars where possible but you can or select always outside bars to create that traditional gantt view
  • Toggle scrollbars on or off: allows for both clean publishing and user interaction
  • The Traqplan Timeline can display data from Primavera, P6, Asta, Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Project for the web, Microsoft Project for Operations, Microsoft DevOps, Jira, Smartsheet and more.

Visit for more information and to purchase a subscription for the unlimited version.

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