Dynamic Tooltip by MAQ Software


Enhance readability of reporting charts by providing additional data points as tooltips.


While most available tooltips only display static information, Dynamic Tooltip by MAQ Software displays both static text and dynamic data fetched from a data source. If the data from the data source changes, the tooltip automatically updates.

Add visual aids and indication images with Dynamic Tooltip by MAQ Software, such as a glowing bulb icon in the corner of a chart to indicate the icon contains "tips."   ​

Business Use Cases:  ​

  • Development Team – Adapt the readability of reports for a wide user base

  • Sales & Marketing - Highlight the conversion rate and online engagement, bounce rate and page views, click-through rate and bounce rate, or upselling success rate and cross selling success rate
  • Operations - Visualize the relationship between cash to cash time cycle and days of inventory, or days of receivables and days of payables .

​Key Features: 

  • Enables static and dynamic tooltips for report charts.

  • Customized icon image configuration. 

  • Formatting options for decimals and display unit data.


What's New in 4.0.0: 

  • Added support for context menu

​Contact Us: 

Thank you for using Dynamic Tooltip by MAQ Software. 

For feature requests or questions about this visual, visit or email our team at

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