Multiple Sparklines

Transform your Table Data/ Numbers into Charts for stunning visual insights

It is difficult to see trends or patterns when you are presented with a table full of rows and columns of numbers.

This Power BI Custom Visual transforms your Table numbers into stunning charts to give more insights into your data.

The visual supports following chart types

• Line Chart / Area Chart

• Column Chart

• Combo (line plus column) chart

• Bubble Chart

• Donut Chart

• Bullet/ Bar chart

• Normal values (text, number, image urls, web urls, UNICODES etc)

• Waffle Chart

If you need a particular chart type as sparkline (not available in above list), please write to me at

All functionalities of this visual are available for free within Power BI Desktop. In Power BI Online Service, it will show a watermark. To use the visual without watermark in Power BI Online, please purchase license subscription

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