iTrent Payroll Analytics

MHR International (UK) Limited

Unlock insights into key payroll analytics metrics to assist with making critical business decisions

Are you an MHR iTrent customer and would you like to gain an insight into your organisation’s payroll? iTrent Payroll Analytics is an out of the box people analytics dashboard, which will enable you to track KPIs to drive business performance, also allowing you to easily share these insights with key stakeholders across your business. You will benefit from being able to report on and complete a payroll analysis to include average salary, gross pay, net pay, pension contribution and will have the ability to analyse salary costs on a year on year basis. The pay demographics feature allows you to analyse pay by generation, gender, and ethnicity, highlighting variances between them. You will be able to unlock the answers to critical human business questions such as: 'What are the overtime costs for a specific department? Has this increased or decreased since last year?' 'What is the cost of benefits on a monthly basis?' 'What is the cost of sickness pay across the organisation?' 'What is the monthly cost of pension contributions across the organisation?' iTrent Payroll Analytics is part of the MHR People Analytics Platform and uses data from the iTrent People Analytics Data Model. All data currently displayed in the app is sample data. Once you have purchased these directly with MHR, you will be able to connect to your own iTrent data in the iTrent People Analytics Data Model and start to uncover your own payroll insights.
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