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Prospect 365 - Customer Service Analysis


Analyse and understand trends, performance and priorities for your service activity in Prospect 365.

The Prospect 365 dashboards for Power BI give you real business insights and control through the full sales cycle – from Marketing, Sales Lead Management, Quoting, Ordering, through to After Sales Service.

Prospect 365 is a cloud-based CRM and eCommerce platform, with unparalleled integration to some of the leading back office accounting systems including Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Greentree, Pegasus Opera, Sage and SAP. ProspectSoft has gained industry wide recognition as the only solution developed with integration at its core from inception. By unleashing valuable customer information from your accounts system, your entire team can provide an enhanced service to your valued customers… and now business owners and managers can monitor performance across the entire business with our range of free Power BI content packs.

This pack provides powerful insights into your customer service and problem resolution activity. A range of content packs for other business areas \tare also available in the Power BI AppSource. Or, if you need more specific or custom analysis we can help you build new dashboards, specific to your business needs, using Power BI integrated to our extensive OData API.