Smartr365 Firm Template App

Autor: Smartr365 Finance Limited

Template App for Smartr365 customers requiring Firm-level reporting

A Power BI Template App is a published Power BI solution that can be used by any company that has the data platform for which the Template App was created. Wouldn’t it be nice to pick your entire Power BI Solution off the shelf - one crafted for your specific firm needs and your specific reports on mortgages and protection cases. Power BI Template Apps are designed to be such an out-of-the-box solution and this offering is an example of such for a Power BI Solution for Smartr365 customers. Inside of this Power BI Template App you will find all of the standard reports we have created for a simple financial and client level reporting for your brokerage firm. This template is meant to be an entry level solution for Smartr365 customers using Power BI, showcasing the basic reports including Fees and Reconciliation, Commission Statements, and Sales Pipeline. This template app will be the basis for developing some more advanced reporting.

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