21RISK power bi template app

Autor: 21RISK

Unlock new insights by visualizing actions, reports, locations and much more.

By connecting Power BI to your 21RISK data you can explore and visualize your data in a powerfull way. The template app contains prebuilt dashboards ready to use, but also allows you to extend and develop custom visualizations, so you can answer your specific questions. This also makes it a convenient way of sharing the insights with your team members, that are also using Power BI.

Getting started

To use the template app, you must be a 21RISK user. After signing up, visit and generate a new API key. Copy the key to your clipboard, so you have it ready when you install this template app. (Please notice that you will only have the permissions to create an API key, if they are given to you. Please ask your colleague responsible for managing 21RISK in your organisation or reach our to if you need help.

Getting help

If you any questions, or need some help, please don't hesitate to contact 21RISK support at, or visit

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