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整合AIoT技術與環保產業聯盟,為企業客戶提供智慧環保一站式事業廢棄物清理解決方案 Chase provides a one-stop environmental service solution.

Chase Environmental Technology has created a transparent Chase platform by using AI techniques and big data analytics which enables customers to deal with their waste problem immediately with no location limited. Chase platform creates an environment-friendly industry through a circular economy and fulfill the social responsibilities of the company.

Key Features,

|廢棄物智能化媒合|             |線上報價簽訂合約|
提供廢棄物的去化管道              清除處理廠商報價透明
條件式計算並推薦廠商              線上電子合約自動套版
|Intelligent Waste Vendor Matchmaking| 
Recommend the best qualified vendors through conditional intelligent calculation, furthermore, Chase platform has included all the treatment methods which you easily be matched by your needs.
|Online Quoting and Contracting|      
We provide transparent pricing from fleet cleaners and treatment plants through the Chase platform, also we can finish the electronic contract automatically from the template.

|即時車機影像追蹤|              |異常事件推播告警|
載運過程系統即時監控               多管道自動推播與通知
節省過去派人跟車成本               提供影像資訊輔佐決策
|Real-time Video and GPS Tracking|
Chase platform offers the real-time monitoring function for each time delivering waste, to save time and cost down.
|Alert with Abnormal Events Detection|
Automatically sending push notifications through multi-approach when the Chase platform detect abnormal events, combining with the videos evidence which can support managers' decision.

|自動推薦排清服務|              |對接環保事廢系統|
排清紀錄數據分析建模               自動申報聯單相關資訊
運算推薦下個週期作業               批次確認降低作業時間
|Auto-scheduling on Waste Service|
By using AI techniques and big data analysis, Chase platform has built each customer's waste data into independent model, auto calculating the next cycle time and info for the cleaning service and strengthen the AI model by feeding the training data. 
|Docking with EPA System|
Chase platform had directly docking with Taiwan EPA system, which provide E-manifest service and batching declaration for minimize the operation time. 

This application is available in Taiwan - Traditional Chinese.

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