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Communicate in a targeted manner: select a target group and see whether messages are read

Jungle of information
Students often find themselves in a jungle of information. They constantly receive announcements and notifications from different systems and it is not always clear where to find the most relevant information. Bubl. resolves this. With Bubl. students always find important information on the relevant channels. 

Targeting hub for internal communication
Bubl. allows institutions to communicate with specific groups of students via internal platforms that they actually use. Whichever group you want to reach, the information will always reach the right people. You can also immediately see whether a message has actually been read. You can easily create target groups, communicate at the organizational level, at the faculty level, based on location, or even based on the area of ​​interest. 
Works in the existing IT landscape
Bubl. links the data from different systems in the organization so that people can communicate more efficiently and in a targeted manner. Bubl. can be linked to one central system, a single source of truth, so that the information sent is always up-to-date.

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