IT Monitoring Services

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Device analyses Appliance, CPU, Storage, Switch, Router, Firewall and related services

What consequences would bring a sudden slowdown or blockage of core business systems and programs?
No doubt it would cause serious damages to your company’s economy and reputation.

When these situations occur, combined with the relative lack of preparation for the event, the incident is even more burdensome to solve, both technically and economically.
In the IT sector, prevention is not only the best but also vital strategy.

Proactive monitoring allows you to structure, in an initial activation phase, a series of basic logical controls that allow our System Engineers and you to control each predefined component through dynamic and historicizable graphs.
This will allow you to solve most of the anomalies even before they can create disservices to users or can be perceived generating a degradation of infrastructure performance.

We offer you the proactive monitoring managed service, to save time in control operations and to concentrate internal resources in core business activities, at the cost of a fixed monthly quota.
All activities carried out during the assessment will be NON-INTRUSIVE, thus guaranteeing the constant operation of the customer.

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