ABB Ability™ Velocity Suite Server


Accelerated time to insight for today’s data-driven decisions

ABB Ability™ Velocity Suite provides energy executives, planners and analysts with the ability to evaluate energy markets to understand the effects of tightening regulations, resource constraints, market volatility, environmental pressures, and the industry dynamics across commodities through a single integrated solution.

Improve decisions with investment grade data and analytics for the energy market with ABB Ability Velocity Suite. The complex nature of today’s energy markets makes the process of gathering, modeling and analyzing data a monumental, resource-intensive task. Energy executives, planners and analysts need to constantly evaluate energy markets to understand the effects of:

• tightening regulations,
• resource constraints,
• market volatility and
• environmental pressures.

Velocity Suite enables efficient, effective, quality energy market decisions by providing trading intelligence, pricing accuracy, data visualization, and industry insight into today’s power markets.
• Access to various market intelligence without having to jump from solution to solution.
• Analytical tools to break down and assess complex and data-intensive industry problems including geospatial analysis.
• Access to an extensive breadth on energy market data leveraging pre-built data relationships.

ABB competitive advantage includes breadth of data, data quality, geospatial / mapping tool and Virtual Analysts / analytical tools. “Velocity Suite is the best product out there for doing energy market data research. No other product does the level of cross dataset mapping that Velocity Suite does, and all that work makes a huge difference in time savings and market insights.” ABB Velocity Suite customer