ABB Condition Monitoring for Measurement Devices

Autor: ABB

Check asset health remotely and build a maintenance strategy based on real-time findings

Unplanned downtime and maintenance costs the industry billions of dollars each year. Using new technologies to monitor the data in real-time, helps leading companies minimize risks and costs.

ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for measurement devices - remote condition monitoring solution providing reliable information based on up-to-date conditions of installed devices. This solution targets a huge variety of Industries including Cement, Power generation, waste incinerator, chemicals as primary focus. This powerful tool provides productivity benefits to our customers, even more if applied to systems that play a critical role in production / regulation compliance.

Process back up and running ASAP

- Automatic alerts to potential failures
- Identification of faults based on real-time data
- Secure remote connection by product experts to assist recovery
- Minimized cost of downtime

Maximize process availability

- Extend product lifetime
- Increase uptime and performance
- Optimized maintenance plan with less unplanned shutdowns
- Higher return on investment
- Maintain devices to last longer and operate more efficiently

From preventive to predictive

- Parts replacement decision based on real-time and historical data analysis
- Health reports providing optimization strategies
- Smart solution enabling you to focus on your business

Why customers use Remote Condition Monitoring

  • Increase Uptime
  • Improve ROI of devices (extend product lifecycle)
  • Cost Control
  • Optimized Maintenance planning
  • Inform Long and Short Term decision making
  • Fast remote support in case of failure

What is included?

New technology enables us to offer an alternative, advanced service solution to our customers. ABB remote condition monitoring contracts offer a dedicated, complete check of analysers and instruments. Using predictve maintenance techniques, devices are maintained on-demand. Frequent monitoring of machine conditions ensure componets are only replaced when needed. The remote condition monitoring can be bundled in a Measurement Care agreement to meet your needs.

“ABB Ability combined with Microsoft’s Azure intelligent cloud unlocks new opportunities for our customers, reducing downtime, increasing resource efficiency and improving productivity overall. Our capacity to provide real-world insights of a company’s operations and to act upon these insights in the physical world is what sets up apart.”
Guido Jouret, CDO ABB

“Together with ABB, we are providing industrial customers with the digital technology and cloud platform to empower every person, team and business system within an organization to glean new insights and drive faster decision-making to seize new growth and opportunities.”
Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

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