ABB Ability™ MES for Pulp & Paper

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Pulp & paper manufacturing operations management software - plant and enterprise level applications

Enterprise software integrating business and manufacturing information allows paper producers to switch from a throughput based environment to a financial production one, where decisions can be made by understanding the financial impacts of production decisions.

ABB’s pulp and paper portfolio contains all the major automation, power, measurement and optimization solutions required for efficient pulp, paper, board, and tissue manufacturing. When combined, these solutions have the power to keep costs down and productivity high – while maintaining quality to specifications.


ABB’s distributed control systems seamlessly integrate physical and digital objects throughout the plant and provide effective visualization of information through the entire operation. As our flagship process automation offering, ABB Ability™ System 800xA is a real-time automation solution based on open technology and the latest global standards. From the world’s largest pulp mills to small single machine paper companies, System 800xA has proven it can deliver results. As an added enhancement, we offer a complete range of standard and industry specific batch, instrumentation and control libraries, as well as advanced process control.

Integrated information

  • Data collection and storage
    Extensive, secure, high speed recording of history data from all systems, with built in powerful calculations engine
  • Decision support
    Drilling down into real-time production data from all systems with any chosen KPI and analyzing history via a single interface

Integrated operations

  • Enterprise Connectivity
    Seamless integration of ERP, SCM, MES and control systems for enterprises of all levels of complexity
  • Production planning
    Rough planning, order scheduling and trimming
  • Production management
    All operational functions for executing production plans, product genealogy
  • Quality Management
    Manages quality related data and prevents losses in production
  • Order management
    All order entry and invoicing functions
  • Asset Management
    Maintenance applications, insight into asset health, corrective action instructions, organizational visibility


  • Energy and emissions management
    Reporting, planning and optimization tools to reduce energy cost and carbon footprint
  • Quality based re-trim optimization
    Unique software for reducing quality losses, customer returns and rebate costs
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    A standardized method of measuring and improving productivity
  • Optimization services
    Advanced diagnostic methodologies providing savings of 5% - 20% and ROI of 10% - 1'000%

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