Intelligent Fleet Management Solution

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Intelligent Fleet Management Solution

Lynx is an award-winning intelligent fleet management platform from Acacus Technologies. Lynx uses state-of-the-art Telematics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to schedule, dispatch, track and optimize fleets for a wide range of industries and organizations.
Lynx is a unique and versatile vehicle tracking solution in its capabilities, as it not only provides historical information on vehicle movements but uses artificial intelligence to describe what fleets should be doing. In addition to collecting a wide range of vehicle location and diagnostic data that can be tracked remotely, Lynx has integrated A.I. powered dashboard cameras that does real-time visual analytics on driver distraction, tailgating and other visual alerting based on fleet manager’s business requirements. Optimized dispatch, disruption management, predictive demand, real-time passenger and cargo analytics are a few of the varied transformative features that Lynx provides.
From taxis to milk delivery, Lynx is being used by multinational companies and governments to improve operations and reduce costs for the most demanding and complex fleet management and transportation requirements.
Lynx includes a unique optimization engine and various tools, that allows fleet managers to optimize fleet utilization and automate dispatching:
• Optimized Dispatch – Research-based optimization engine that uses mathematical combinatorics to monitor fleet data to decide where each vehicle in a fleet should go next. Has reduced the number of vehicles required in fleets by over 30%

• Machine Learning – Embedded cameras use machine learning algorithms to track driver behavior and performance as well as operational hazards in real-time.

• Disruption Management – Each vehicle in a fleet is aware of and reacts to the entire fleet’s needs. Disruption engine determines if a fleet vehicle will be critically late for a scheduled trip and allocates alternative vehicles as required.
Lynx is powered with proprietary A.I. firmware and back-end event management capability, which is embedded in its in-vehicle camera solution. It dynamically detects events that are not identified by ordinary sensors but are important to fleet operators, such as:


• Driver distraction
• Vehicle proximity
• People counting
• Lane departure

Lynx also provides customized alerts as per business and fleet manager’s requirements.
As an intelligent fleet management solution, Lynx has a proven track record of creating business efficiency, optimizing resources and reducing costs across industries and organizations.

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