Accelitec Single Point

Autor: Accelitec, Inc.

SinglePoint Manager, Coupon Creation

SinglePoint Manager is a dedicated UI that makes the creation, setup, and approval of non-loyalty SinglePoint coupons less time consuming for merchants. Accelitec builds and delivers cloud-based digital and mobile marketing solutions to grocery store retailers. These solutions use point-of-sale (POS) transaction data to help independent grocers, who have historically been unable to implement modern technology marketing programs due to their smaller scale and limited market reach, compete more effectively against large regional and national grocers. In addition to generating increases in shopper frequency and per-visit spending, Accelitec’s services generate additional financial results through better access to the national advertiser / promotional dollars and facilitating operational efficiencies. Our services allow grocery retailers to achieve approximate parity with regional and national grocers with respect to digital marketing tools. Our value proposition is that the use of our services to deliver digital marketing solutions will have a positive ROI for grocers in the short- and long-term due to sustained consumer adoption and.acceptance of the types of personalized digital marketing services we offer. - In the digital economy, a critical issue facing high-frequency retail businesses such as grocers is how to learn who their best shoppers are, how to gain access to their interests and purchase history, and how to communicate relevant, timely and valued information to them in the shoppers’ preferred communication channel. - Consumers have increasing expectations that retailers will deliver personalized information to them reflecting some level of detail around their interests. There is a growing recognition that retailers must install such technology and allocate resources to meet these expectations in order to remain competitive as consumer adoption of new technology evolves. - Accelitec’s cloud services provide ways for grocers to leverage technology into new marketing areas with virtually no disruption to the point-of-sale or to their customer-facing marketing channels. Accelitec’s cloud services operate on the Microsoft .NET platform. The service is hosted by Microsoft’s Azure service.

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