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Wittyparrot document management and delivery system for enhanced productivity and traceability.

WittyParrot is a Cloud-based knowledge automation, collaboration and communication platform that helps companies to speak with one voice.

We are deeply interested in solving the problems common to both small and large companies and individuals in communicating consistently and responsively.

We help people become more productive by:

  • Organizing structured content like full documents as well as unstructured content such as raw text, graphics, videos, links and email
  • Discovering and capturing atomized information that is of value to information consumers
  • Sharing information in a consistent way across an enterprise
  • Ensuring access control to information and enabling users to create their own knowledge nuggets
  • Providing a consistent and responsive user experience on any device, that is always-on, so people can work online or offline.
  • Enabling users to quickly find and reuse the right information into the document, presentation or email they are working on.
  • Tracking the effectiveness of information to increase the usage of what is working, through analytics, ratings, commenting and sharing.

WittyParrot has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Bangalore, India.

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