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Enterprise Ready Chatbot builder Platform

Over the past few years, the team at Acuvate has helped build several enterprise bots to meet the needs of organizations who were looking to automate labor-intensive tasks. After observing several enterprise scenarios, large landscape of user intents and common pain points across various departments for more than 15 years, we have designed a powerful enterprise bot builder platform - “BotCore”.

BotCore is an accelerator that enables organizations to build customized conversational bots powered by artificial intelligence. It can leverage any AI service available today and will also scale for future services. It is fully deployable into Microsoft Azure and leverages many of the features available in it.

The platform is currently in use by several Fortune 100 enterprises, SMBs and startups to create, deploy, and manage chatbots within the organization.

Bots in action just need 4 weeks of feed time. Its self-service option to train the chatbot and convert to MDL has drawn the attention of the global audience.

Features of BotCore:

  • Knowledge Base
    • Every bot building platform requires a knowledge base. BotCore’s knowledge base acts like a nerve center for your bots so that they can respond to supported questions and operations that a user requests from it.
  • Conversation System
    • Bots can respond to users in both text and rich media formats. BotCore uses Message Definition Language (MDL) to define bot responses. The responses can be both static and dynamic, and require zero coding. Notable features also include:
      • Guided conversations
      • Golden phrase delivery
      • Feedback system
      • Success dashboards for continuous improvements.
  • Security
    • User Authentication
    • User Authorization
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • One Time Authorization
    • Channel Authorization
  • Triggers
    • Trigger service
    • Message Queueing
    • User and Channel data store
  • Administration
    • Training Module
    • Maintenance Mode
    • Logs
      • Error log
      • Chat logs
      • Zero Intent log
    • User and Channel management

We help enterprises derive the maximum business value from chatbot technologies by providing consultation services, bot strategy creation, reusable bot components, setting up a dedicated chatbot Center of Excellence (CoE) and everything in between.

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