InvSolv - Inventory Management

Autor: Adfolks

Real-time data interpretation to Re-invent your supply chain

A single source of truth. A service that offers an accurate, real-time, granular & global view of Current Stock Position & Future Stock Availability

Our system integrates with your existing Store Systems, Retail ERP, WMS and other Business Systems to extract, stream, process, analyze and use proprietary models and algorithms to give Current Stock Balance, Future Stock Availability, Demand Forecasting, and many Dashboards and Reports

How does it work?

  1. Inputs & Integration: The system takes in Transactional, Referential, and External data through data integration APIs/Connectors that integrate with POS, ERP, Warehouse Inventory Management System, Finance System, etc from prominent vendors like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc
  2. Engine: Transforms and processes the information and does Machine Learning on the input data.
  3. Output: Visibility to Real-Time Data & INSIGHTS: Real-Time Analytics Data. The above output can be consumed as APIs & Dashboards and Reports


  • KAFKA based multi-source/multi-destination Real-Time Data Streaming Capability
  • Real-Time Data Reporting
  • Single Source of Truth with an accurate real-time global view of inventory
  • Cloud Native, Open and Extensible solution designed with API first approach
  • Machine Learning Models for Anomaly Detection and Forecasting
  • Ability to integrate external factors via data integrations for analysis
  • Cost Efficient 

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