MiX Portal Software as a Service

Autor: Advanced Mine Management Systems

Single URL User Interface Enabling Data Digitization Self Service

You have data, but is it useful? Data acquisition, validation, normalization and delivery needs to be automated to the extent it can be managed through self service portals.

MiX is a Self-Service Portal that provides:

  • Secure Workspace
  • Integration Catalogue
  • Visualization of Events and Analytics
  • Enterprise Asset Contextualizer
  • Configurable Search Engine
  • Time-series Reports
  • And much more

Enables two key features:

  • Integration Catalogue of MiX is a data provisioning module to facilitate near real-time streaming of siloed system data to Azure IoT Hub for the purpose of ingesting data into analytics and reporting to make informed decisions and to be proactive business instead of reactive.
  • Requires no expertise with more insights at the less cost.

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