AGR Essentials Inventory Optimisation

Autor: AGR Dynamics

Demand forecasts, plans & replenishment for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers

Inventory management has never been so simple. AGR Essentials enables you to, quickly and easily, streamline your inventory, boost productivity, and slash waste in the supply chain.

Essentials is a quick to learn, easy to use, and cost effective ERP extension for distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and small retail, featuring:

  • Demand forecasting & planning
  • Inventory optimization
  • Exception reporting
  • Order exceptions
  • Automatic ordering
  • ABC analysis
  • Container optimization
  • Analysis reporting
  • And so much more.


AGR Essentials helps you have just the right inventory to respond quickly to customer demand and minimize investment in inventory, facilities, and equipment to reduce storage and transportation costs. With data from your ERP system, an automated best fitting forecasting method is applied to estimate future demand. By implementing our data-driven decision-making software, you can improve accuracy to cut down on waste and ensuring maximum availability with minimum capital tied up in stock.


Eliminate repetitive manual work when ordering predictable items. Instead focus on the areas that deliver the most value. With exception reporting, the items that need special attention are automatically identified, helping you to achieve your business’ strategic goals. Automation improves efficiency and accuracy along with providing users with better data visibility.


AGR Essentials automatically optimizes the service levels for each product when calculating demand forecasts. On top of that, AGR Essentials can prioritize products based on value, volume, or margin ensuring that you have the right products in the right place at the right time.


Our unique dashboard allows you to be ready for any eventuality, with flexible end-to-end planning to support your business’ marketing and sales processes. You can instantly view each product’s performance history, future demand, and stock projections. The dashboard also makes it easy identify overstocked items or items at risk of stockout, assisting you in focusing your time productively.

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