Aidon One

Autor: Aidon Oy

Aidon One - service for power grid management, metering work and customer service

Aidon One is a browser-based service for managing the distribution network and related field work. Aidon One gathers the information needed in metering work, distribution network maintenance and customer service on a map.

Aidon One can be used in the office on computer screen and in the field with mobile devices. Aidon One’s functionalities are separate modules from which the DSO can compile a suitable package and flexibly complement it as needed.

Take Aidon One into use, when you want to

  • know the daily status of meter readings in each metering point
  • follow the status of the reading system’s communication network and see fault situations on a map
  • view grid components on a map
  • receive information of the alarms in the low voltage network on a map view
  • manage field work
  • schedule statutory network site inspections and prepare inspection reports
  • inform about events concerning distribution network maintenance
  • allow your customers to report about faults and other observations on the grid and receive them as work orders
  • multi-language support: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish

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