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Ingentive Modern Work

Ingentive specialises in supporting organisations in modernising their work processes, fostering enhanced collaboration and communication. Our extensive experience enables us to assist clients in structuring digital workspaces and integrations to optimise functionality. Additionally, we offer customised training sessions to ensure employees fully utilise available tools and maximise productivity.

Service features
- Collaboration Hubs: Tailored digital spaces for seamless teamwork.
- Workflow Automation: Streamlining tasks through automated processes.
- Integrated Communication: Real-time messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing.
- Document Management: Centralised storage and easy file access.
- Bespoke Training: Customised programmes to empower employees.
- Security Measures: Robust protection and compliance with regulations.
- Remote Work Solutions: Supporting remote teams with secure access & tools.
- Analytics Insights: Tracking usage patterns and productivity metrics.
- Mobile Compatibility: Accessing tools across devices and platforms.
- Ongoing Support: Continuous optimisation and troubleshooting assistance.

Service benefits
- Improved Teamwork: Seamless collaboration across departments.
- Boosted Efficiency: Automated tasks save time.
- Effective Communication: Real-time messaging and file sharing.
- Centralised Access: Easy retrieval of documents.
- Empowered Staff: Training enhances productivity.
- Heightened Security: Protecting sensitive data.
- Remote Work Support: Secure access from anywhere.
- Insightful Analytics: Data-driven decision-making.
- Flexible Mobility: Accessible on various devices.
- Continuous Support: Ongoing optimisation and troubleshooting assistance.

Users can customise our service extensively to meet their specific needs:
- User interface: Adjust layouts, themes, and colour schemes.
- Workflows: Create custom workflows to automate tasks.
- Permissions: Define user roles and access levels.
- Integrations: Add or remove third-party app integrations.
- Notifications: Configure alerts and notifications based on preferences.
- Dashboards: Personalise dashboards with widgets and data displays.
- Reports: Customise report templates and data visualisations.
- Templates: Create and modify templates for documents, emails, and tasks.

How users can customise:
- Users can access customisation options through the service's settings menu or administration panel. They can use drag-and-drop interfaces, configuration wizards, and form-based editors to make adjustments. Some customisations may require administrative privileges.

Who can customise:
- Customisation privileges can be assigned to designated administrators or users with appropriate permissions. Administrators have full access to customisation features, while standard users may have limited options based on their assigned roles and permissions.

We provide comprehensive service metrics including:
- Usage Statistics: Track platform usage, user activity, and engagement metrics.
- Performance Monitoring: Monitor uptime, response times, and system performance.
- Data Security: Measure compliance with data protection standards and security protocols.
- Customer Satisfaction: Gather feedback through surveys and evaluate satisfaction levels.
- Support Response Time: Measure the speed and effectiveness of support responses.
- Feature Adoption: Track the adoption rates of new features and updates.
- Availability: Monitor platform availability and downtime occurrences.
- Customised Reporting: Generate custom reports tailored to specific metrics and requirements.
- SLA Compliance: Measure adherence to service level agreements (SLAs) for uptime and support.

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