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Autor: Almentor FZCO

Avail online courses either based on annual subscription or pay per course enrollment, the largest online video-based learning library in Arabic available in the world, is offered to organizations based on flexible options for different organization needs. To help addressing current challenges related to conducting classical classroom-based training, as well as fulfilling the needs for convenient professional development service (such as learning anywhere anytime without business or training interruptions), offers two flexible models for accessing its rich library: 
  1. Annual subscription model, or 
  2. Per course enrollment (i.e. avail specific courses for specific employees and pay based on course enrollments). 
In case of annual subscription, all courses in the library will be available for enrollment during the subscription period.
In case of per course enrollment, all courses will be available for enrollment at a fixed per-course price with lifetime access for purchased courses. 
For both models, admin reports are provided for Learning & Development managers to track employees' performance and progress.
Contact us for the different pricing options based on your organization training needs and size.

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