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Note Taking Ai Assistant Users Love for Meeting and Call Notes

Aloe Helps You Attain Perfect Recall

With Any Media From Everywhere:

  • Rich Text Editor
  • Camera
  • Voice Dictation
  • Stylus (Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google and more)
  • Call Transcription
  • SMS and iMessage Text Messaging
  • Email for Sending and Forwarding Notes
  • Aloe gathers content and context from meetings and organizes it, and notes can be taken by texting, calling, emailing, or using the Aloe App.

    Aloe is an Ai Assistant that provides users with perfect recall by being accessible from all devices and communication platforms, and helping to capture the details and essence of each interaction.

    1) Handwrite and draw with a stylus, like the Apple Pencil, Microsoft Surface Pen or Samsung S-Pen. Aloe converts handwriting to text using machine learning, to easily find notes.

    2) Save photos, documents, bookmarks, and videos by sending everything to Aloe to be organized and recalled instantly.

    3) Conference Aloe into your calls or dictate a note by calling Aloe or give Aloe access to your conference bridge, then Aloe will transcribe the recording and make it available for playback.

    4) Send text messages or Email to Aloe instead of texting or emailing yourself notes and reminders.

    5) If you use the or Hubspot CRM, Aloe will learn the Leads, Contacts, Companies, and Opportunities, and help keep them updated, and sync notes automatically.

    6) Each morning Aloe will send you a Daily Briefing recapping the previous day and providing an agenda for the day with BIO's, news, previous notes, reminders, and meeting.

    If you use a CRM, Aloe connects notes to Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and syncs them to Salesforce or Hubspot CRM automatically.

    Aloe is omnipresent: SMS, iMessage, Email, Voice dictation;

    Phones, Tablets (Apple Pencil, Samsung S-pen, Surface Pen) & Desktops with: iOS, Android, Windows & MacOS;, Google GSuite, Microsoft Office 365 & Exchange, Zoom Conferencing.

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