Altia Toolbar

Autor: Altia Solutions Ltd

Ingest & analyse volumes of financial information to identify entities, trends, investigative avenue

Altia Toolbar

Ingest and analyse volumes of financial information to identify entities, trends, relationships and investigative avenues. The Financial Analysis Toolbar works with the Investigation Toolkit. Combining a range of financial analysis tools with the power of Excel, it speeds up the process of interrogating financial data.

Toolkit's Companion

Toolbar extends on the capabilities of Toolkit to ingest and analyse huge amounts of financial data, automatically. Combining a range of analytical tools, Toolbar rapidly interrogates financial data and provides meaningful insight and actionable intelligence.

Let Toolbar Be Your Expert

There’s no need to be an expert in Excel’s functions. Toolbar provides a set of templates to apply to data, making analysing and visualising complicated financial information simple, efficient and powerful.

The Power of BI

Embrace the advanced features and functionalities of the Power BI platform to create meaningful dashboards, visualisations and connections to ensure your critical information is noticed and dots get connected.

Simply Intelligent

Toolbar uses intelligent services to automatically sort, count, total or average your financial data without human intervention; before summarising complex data quickly and creating custom reports and lists.

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