Ambiental FloodScore

Autor: Ambiental Risk Analytics

Instantly assess flood risk to individual properties

FloodScore™ Online enables quicker and more accurate decision-making around flood risk. Our subscription service offers the most complete and up-to-date flood risk data through a flexible pricing structure. This makes it cost-effective to access high-quality, property-level flood risk data.This service is provided to Ambiental’s business customers. Operating internationally, Ambiental is a leader in flood modelling, mapping and flood risk consultancy. Numerous multinational organisations, engineers, construction companies, insurers and government bodies rely on Ambiental’s data, reports and modelling techniques to improve their flood planning, designs and decision-making.At a Glance - Instant online access to the most current flood risk data - Provides a single easy-to-compare flood risk score for each property - Considers risk from rivers, tidal waters, rainfall and groundwater - Includes information on flood depth at a range of return periods - Uses hydrological and 2D hydraulic modelling and LiDAR wherever available - Validated against actual flooding and claims data from recent events - Regularly updated

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