Machine Applications


A bundle with data collection, intelligent dashboarding, continuous data analysis and notifications.

Do you want to improve operational performance, for example by reducing production costs and making processes more efficient? And thus secure the growth, competitiveness and future viability of your company? With various applications, Schuler provides a simple and uncomplicated path to the digital future. You can monitor production, process and/or status data and call it up via desktop or smart device and receive all data in a simple and comprehensible format. This enables you to identify potential improvements in your production more quickly.

The relevant data from your machines is collected with the necessary accuracy, pre-processed close to the system, visualized in a web application and analysed over the long term. If anomalies occur in your data, you are informed via a notification service. Monthly reports of your production or process data round off the offer.

The Machine Applications consist of the Solutions:

    • Production Monitor
    • Pressforce Monitor
    • Cooling Analytics
    • Lubrication Analytics
    • Drive Analytics
    • Energy Monitor

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