Anitian Compliance Automation: FedRAMP

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Quickly get Azure workloads FedRAMP audit-ready with Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation

Anitian’s SecureCloud for Compliance Automation can get you FedRAMP audit-ready 80% faster, at 50% of the cost. It’s automated and pre-built cloud infrastructure environment wraps around your Azure application in just hours. Now you can enter new markets and unlock revenue in weeks, not months or years. The Anitian platform runs within your own Azure tenant and provides a standardized, pre-built suite of security tools, controls, configurations, documentation templates, and services. With Anitian and Microsoft, what used to consume months of engineering effort, is up and running, fully configured, in hours.

  • Accelerate cloud migration - The combination of Microsoft Azure and the Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation standardizes and automates the complex, error-prone process of architecting, configuring, and deploying security controls to meet complex compliance requirements such as FedRAMP, CMMC, and PCI. With Anitian and Microsoft, you can accelerate time-to-market and time-to-revenue by up to 80% and at 50% of the cost.
  • Pre-engineered Zero Trust Azure platform - SecureCloud for Compliance Automation is a pre-engineered FedRAMP cloud infrastructure environment built from the ground up for zero trust, up and running in your Azure cloud account on day 1. It wraps a complete set of critical security technologies around your cloud application in just hours. Save months of guesswork, reduce the risk of misconfigurations, and allocate valuable resources towards building applications and getting to market quickly.
  • Faster time to Revenue - Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation for Microsoft Azure eliminates security and compliance impediments, allowing DevOps and business teams to focus on building the best applications and getting them to market and customers quickly.

Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation is pre-built to meet the most complex security and compliance requirements right out-of-the-box. Because our platform is pre-configured to the FedRAMP Moderate – which covers over 325+ specified controls – your business is automatically positioned for audit readiness across multiple compliance requirements needed to access new markets:

  • US Federal government markets – requiring FedRAMP or CMMC certification
  • eCommerce markets – requiring PCI DSS certification
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical markets – requiring HIPAA compliance
  • State and local government markets – requiring StateRAMP compliance

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