KPI Manager 365


Staff performance management in Microsoft Teams

The KPI Manager 365 system works in the Microsoft Teams environment and allows you to solve the whole range of KPI management tasks. The system is designed for use by HR departments and top managers at medium and large businesses and offers a flexible and convenient KPI management mechanism that allows you to quickly assign and distribute goals among employees/teams, coordinate goals with management and monitor their achievement. Working in Microsoft Teams makes it easier to access and collaborate with the application for all users, including remote and mobile ones, without requiring them to install additional software, while a modern interface and extensive customization options allow you to quickly adapt the system to any customer requirements and provide it effective use by users of any level of training.

The main features of the system:
  • Ability to assign and agree on goals and objectives for both individuals and teams.
  • Creation of a matrix of goals to display the distribution of tasks among employees.
  • Ability to delegate goals to another employee.
  • Possibility of dividing the received goal into goals for subordinates (goal decomposition).
  • Ability to view all the goals set by departments and control their implementation.
  • Sending notifications about the assignment of goals to employees, approval by managers and familiarization of employees with the goal assigned to them through Microsoft Teams.
  • Full support for mobile devices and smartphones.

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