Appdome Mobile Security Suite


Appdome is a no-code mobile application security solution for Android and iOS.

Appdome's mission is to protect the mobile economy and the people who use mobile apps in their lives and at work.

Appdome is used by anyone responsible for securing Android & iOS apps and the mobile experience of the end-users of the mobile application. With Appdome, mobile developers and infosec teams can achieve their mobile security objectives, quickly and easily. They can create the specific security models, needed to meet their internal and regulatory requirements in minutes, without code or coding.

These mobile security models include any combination of code obfuscation, data encryption, anti-tampering, anti-reversing, anti-debugging, jailbreak and root prevention, man-in-the-middle protection, certificate pinning, and more. With Appdome, developers can quickly and easily protect their mobile app, connections, data, and users against all mobile threats, hacking attempts, mobile fraud, account takeovers, ransomware, identity and credential theft, credential stuffing, and other backend network attacks.

Appdome customers including leading financial, healthcare, government, and m-commerce providers. They use Appdome to consistently deliver richer and safer mobile experiences to millions of mobile end users, eliminating complex development and accelerating mobile app lifecycles.

The Appdome Mobile Security Suite is sold in 3 different packages; Appdome App Secure, Appdome App Protect, and Appdome App Defend.

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