Permission Checker

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SharePoint Extension to check permissions inside SharePoint for each document

Easiness to check permission levels for each document to proceed with further actions on granting or removing access levels. Ability to check the level of permissions assigned to single documents uploaded in SharePoint Document Library

Are you looking for a way to check permissions to SharePoint Library Files with 1-Click?

If you are using SharePoint for organising, storing, controlling and sharing sensitive documentation, you should be able to easily get information on what files are shared to users and what kind of access each user has to the files. Now you can do it using Permission Checker Solution. By clicking one button, you are able to get the list of the users along with the access type.

The Permission Checker software grants permissions to view user access to SharePoint Document Library and significantly reduces the number of requests made to the service desk. By providing users with the ability to easily and securely check access of users, without the need for manual intervention from the service desk, the software can help improve productivity.

Additionally, by minimising the risk of unauthorised access, the software can help ensure that sensitive information remains secure and protected. Overall, the use of such software can result in a more efficient, effective, and secure SharePoint environment, reducing the workload on the service desk and improving the user experience.

Supported Countries

This app supports all countries where SharePoint is available

Supported Languages

The app is available in English

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