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Appogee Goals - OKR Management for Office 365

Appogee Goals helps ensure that your employees and teams are aligned with your corporate objectives by making it simple to implement the same “Objectives and Key Results” (OKR) goaling method used by leading companies such as Google, Linkedin, Intel and Twitter.

Increasingly, companies are moving away from the traditional annual performance review to introduce a continuous appraisal and feedback process which focuses on two key questions.

  1. Where do I want to go?
  2. How will I know I’m getting there?

Appogee Goals supports this more agile approach. Increased transparency and continuous tracking of company, team and employee goals will ensure your teams are focussed, aligned and working in the same direction.

Key features:

  • Alignment
    • Simple and easy to navigate alignment charts to display how all teams and employees are working together to meet the wider company objectives.
  • Transparancy
    • Visibility in all directions. Allow employees to see how they fit into the bigger picture. Keep on top of how your employees are contributing to the company goals.
  • Measured
    • Easy to see how every goal (objective) is performing through a series of Key Result metrics feeding into a total Goal completion.
  • Supports Each Goal Type
    • Company Goals
      • Define and share directional Company Goals (objectives) and clearly defined Key Results with your employees.
    • Team Goals
      • Set clear Team Goals and align with the Company Objectives to keep Teams on track.
    • Personal Goals
      • Create transparency and direction over Personal Goals with clear alignments to the larger Team & Company Goals.
  • Visibility
    • Empower employees by giving full visibility of their own Personal Goals and how they fit into the Company strategy.
  • Check-ins and Shout-outs
    • Allow Check-Ins to keep progress up to date and maintain motivation across the workforce.
    • Gain constant feedback on employees through Goal driven Shout-outs. Designed to promote peer to peer assessment.

Appogee Goals is also available as part of Appogee HR Success.