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Aprimo Campaign helps marketers segment data as well as send personalized campaigns to customers.

Access your deep, rich marketing data wherever it is located.

Marketers today are challenged with leveraging the power of the marketing cloud, while taking full advantage of marketing data in a practical and secure way.

Built exclusively on Microsoft Azure, Aprimo Campaign helps marketers and marketing analysts maintain control and ownership of marketing data, execute selection criteria against data, generate targeted lists with test and offer assignments, track and optimize contacts across execution channels, and orchestrate target list distribution across channels and vendors. It sits on top of existing data structures, which support compliance and GDPR requirements.

Key Advantages and Features:

Increase your marketing effectiveness

  • Improve customer targeting
  • Respond to each customer interaction and change in behavior
  • Automate the execution of campaigns and triggered marketing campaigns

Improve the speed and efficiency of campaign planning and execution

  • Rapidly query customer data
  • Improve marketing efficiency with automated and reusable campaigns
  • Better manage and track campaign projects

Capitalize on your investment in customer data

  • Direct access to your own data where it rests, no data replication up into the cloud
  • Easily and securely view and interact with customer data
  • Partition your data so each region, brand, or business unit sees only their customers and their data

Manage offers and treatments for marketing impact

  • Create a library of approved offers, creative treatments, and incentives
  • Apply offers and treatments to each activity or campaign and create test plans
  • Calculate estimated costs, revenue, and ROI

Targeting and segmentation

  • Maintain marketing data security and customer data privacy by keeping it in-house
  • Enjoy quick provisioning, lack of IT overhead, and no-headache administration of campaign management

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