Aprimo Digital Asset Management

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Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM) manages end to end content creation for all marketing needs.

Govern and grow your digital brand footprint by managing any product and content, from any source, in any format.

Many enterprises are using Digital Asset Management (DAM) as the content hub for their marketing and customer experience operations. It is a storage house.

Aprimo does so much more. Built exclusively on Microsoft Azure, Aprimo DAM enables marketers, creatives, agencies, and merchants to collaborate on the creation and approval of content and drives brand experiences across channels and regions.

Key Advantages and Features:

Single version of truth

  • Manage all content types, including text, image, and video
  • Give global marketing, commerce, and sales easy access to on-brand content
  • Easily allow business users to find and share content
  • AI-driven auto-tagging
  • Proven enterprise, global scale with high performance

Content enrichment

  • Enable omni-channel content strategies to drive personalized brand stories
  • Easily re-purpose content across global campaigns to ensure consistency and lower content recreation costs
  • Localize, translate and personalize content

Creative and marketing collaboration

  • Marketers, creatives, and agencies can easily collaborate to review and approve content
  • Business process alignment – structured workflows help standardize processes
  • Content and brand governance – ensure content is always current and on-brand
  • Manage digital rights, lowering costs associated with content misuse

Forge 360° product experiences

  • Provide global product insights by managing catalogs, relationships and content associations
  • Visualize all product content - provide a single place for merchants to unify product attributes with product content
  • Allow merchandisers and marketers to work together for global launches and campaigns
  • Product Enrichment Workbench - the go-to-place where product data meets creative content

Content distribution and delivery

  • Easily distribute approved, on-brand content to channel partners
  • Portal for easy access - give marketers, agencies, and channel partners on-demand access to content
  • Easily link into delivery systems like web CMS, commerce platforms, and campaign management, to ensure consistent omni-channel experiences
  • Gain view into download and upload statistics, to better understand content performance

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