Agility Metrics

Autor: Arkano Software

Improve Business Agility with Agility Metrics

This application is only available in Spanish. DevOps is a set of practices that automates and monitors the various stages in the software lifecycle between different stakeholders, so that they can compile, test and deploy software more efficiently. The current dynamics of the market, business requirements and the feedback of customers makes it necessary to innovate and create agile environments for the development of quality and security software. With this base we created Agility metrics, a dashboard that allows to measure the following key performance indicators of the Azure DevOps managed development lifecycle:

  • Rate of production failures
  • Average recovery time
  • Deployment frequency
  • Full time delivery
  • Development, testing and delivery time

With this solution you get a defined process for planning, guidelines and software development lifecycle. Also, builds, testing and automatic deployment in each new version of the application developed in every environment.
In this way, improves productivity without losing quality. The customers will experience a cultural change in the way of developing software in an agile way, time to market reduction and improvement in the quality and the software monitoring used by customers to obtain early feedback.

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