B!HR - Business Intelligence for Human Resources


B!HR – Human Resources Business Intelligence Solution

B!HR – Human Resources Business Intelligence
In short words, B!HR consolidates a set of techniques, methodologies and tools that support data collection and organization processes, data analysis, monitorization and sharing which will help better HR management.
B!HR is an analytic solution for your company that cover 5 key areas:

• Headcount
• Assiduity
• Remuneration/Costs
• Qualification/Training • Evaluation/Performance
Identify human needs, in the different business areas of your company, using this solution.

• Have more knowledge about your processes (productive, commercial, administrative and others);
• Measure process effectivity of an action, data or tool used in the company
• Control revenues and expenses
• Identify losses and costs (and goals deviations)
• Plan and simulate safely
• Faster data analysis
• Much easier reports, dashboards and comparative statistics implementation
• Speeds up Return Of investment

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