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Guest User Manager helps you keep track of your external users.

Don't leave the existence and access settings of guest accounts and thus the security of your data to chance - rely instead on the Guest User Manager from NAVOO in Microsoft Teams. This is a standalone solution that you can use independently of other NAVOO services.

✓ Easy Management

Manage guest user more easily and securely than ever with Guest User Manager. You decide who gets which authorizations and can view and edit all data about your guest users in one central location.

Relevant information such as the guest user's company and responsibilities can be entered as soon as the user is created. You decide which information is mandatory.

You can also use the Guest User Manager to adjust and subsequently update the settings and information of existing guest users. This gives you a quick overview of external people who can access your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Actions such as creation, deletion, activation and deactivation can be applied to many guest users at the same time using a CSV file. This reduces the administration effort even further and frees up your time for other tasks.

✓ Customizable Onboarding

Bring guest users into the system securely and according to your requirements. For example, you can customize the content of the invitation e-mail, place disclaimers, and request confirmations at a later time.

✓ Easy Lifecycle Management

Automatically deactivate guest accounts after a predefined period of time to block access to shares that are no longer needed and prevent unauthorized access.

Guest User Manager lifecycle management notifies the appropriate staff of the impending deactivation prior to the expiration date and gives them the option to extend the period. Guest users who are deactivated for a longer period are automatically removed. This avoids unnecessary data collection and account maintenance.

The Guest User Manager automatically records existing guest accounts and includes them in the lifecycle management.

✓ Comprehensive Compliance & Secure Data Protection

Keep control over your data. The personal data of guest users is stored in your environment, but never outside your company. Guest User Manager requires only a few permissions in your tenant.

✓ See for yourself

Test the Guest User Manager now for up to 30 days free of charge!

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