Rubrik as a Service Cloud Hosted

Autor: Assured Data Protection Inc.

Fully managed Rubrik back up solution

Rubrik as a service is fully managed back up solution for data that lives in Microsoft Azure virtual machine instances. Assured’s service uses Rubrik’s architecture by combining an immutable file-system with a zero-trust cluster design in which operations can only be performed through authenticated API's, which better protects you against Ransomware attacks and allowing your IT team more time to focus on business-critical tasks instead of spending valuable time managing backups. 

Assured's Rubrik as a Service Cloud Hosted solution delivers a connected Rubrik appliance for use within the subscriber's environment. Support for Azure virtual machines include all Rubrik Backup Service supported operating systems for File/Folder, Volume, and Application based backups. Data is retained offsite and can also be sent to an Azure blob target of the subscriber's choosing. 

Prices are based on stored terabytes per month with a minimum commit. Does not include transfer fees. 

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