BirdDog by ASURiO

Autor: Asurio Inc.

BirdDog is a Market Leader in Mobile Inspection & Data Collection Software

BirdDog from USA-based Asurio, Inc. is a cloud-based, mobile inspection & data collection system. One of the most versatile, configurable mobile inspection systems on the market, BirdDog is easily configurable for multiple industries, regions & inspection and data collection needs. The BirdDog Mobile Inspection System automates & streamlines gathering inspection data in the field, and the management, sharing & reporting of inspection data to ensure compliance with regulations, risk management, or asset management. BirdDog operates on operates on the top 3 standard technology platforms: Apple, Android & Microsoft. The BirdDog Mobile Inspection System results in streamlined, more accurate inspections, improved compliance, minimized risk, savings in time & money, improved productivity & more.

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