MyHub App for Microsoft Teams

Autor: AvePoint Inc.

Microsoft 365 Certified

Easily manage and organize Microsoft Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and Yammer

Meet MyHub, a convenient one-stop-shop for managing existing Microsoft 365 workspaces and creating new ones—all from Microsoft Teams! MyHub provides you with a centralized console and easy to use services. Organize, and easily understand the details of all your workspaces.  
Still asking, “Why do I need MyHub?” Well, with MyHub, Microsoft 365 users not only have the power to view all workspaces they own or are a member of, but also: 
  • Create workspace hubs based on different criteria, such as purpose or topic
  • Classify Teams, Groups, SharePoint sites, and Yammer communities with customized tags
  • Manage membership of Teams and Groups
  • Easily access content, tasks, and more associated with each workspace 
  • Receive notifications from the bot after creating new workspaces
Plus, you can also perform provisioning, recertification, and lifecycle tasks from MyHub if you are also an AvePoint Cloud Governance customer!
So, instead of wondering why you need MyHub, you should be asking yourself how you’ve survived without it?

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