Axway Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

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Customizable storefront where APIs can be curated, centralized, monetized into new revenue streams

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is a game-changer in how you expand your digital services into new use cases and new markets. It allows you to create your own marketplace of APIs - all completely packaged and neatly categorized - that internal and external application developers can easily access and adopt. It enables you to accelerate API adoption through creating more meaningful API products, present them in a branded storefront, where they can be monetized (directly or indirectly) to drive digital business revenue.

What separates this from a standard developer portal, is that it is built on the Universal API Management capabilities of Amplify that can bring all your APIs together in one place, regardless of:

  • Deployment styles: cloud edge, enterprise edge, internal, service mesh
  • Service patterns: REST, SOAP, GraphQL, Events, Service Mesh, gRPC
  • Specification types and schemas: OpenAPI 3, Swagger 2, WSDL, GraphQL, AsyncAPI, Webhooks, Protobuf, Unstructured

It gives the API product manager the ability to curate API products from all the discovered and validated APIs that are aligned to business functions. This process allows the addition of documentation, keywords, and approval processes for subscriptions. The product manager can then design and assign rate plans to the products, track usage against those plans, enforce the limits and pass usage information to a back-end billing system if you need direct monetization or internal charge-back.

The next step is the promotion of selected API products into your personalized (corporate branded) storefront. With promotion, usage metrics, and a common subscription method developers (internal and external) can more quickly discover, adopt, and use your API products to accelerate your digital business revenue.

Axway Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is for customers who need to:

  • Monetize APIs
  • Support multiple API vendors they already have
  • Group APIs into API products
  • Track all API usage
  • Ensure security

Benefits include:

  • Faster time to value for APIs
  • Greater API adoption
  • IT and business alignment
  • Reduced complexity
  • Prioritized security
  • Developer autonomy

Please note that the example pricing listed on this page represents a standard, entry-level configuration. To view a demonstration, receive a solution tailored to your specific needs or receive a pricing proposal, please contact

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