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Unleash innovation with a B2B integration solution that combines EDI, APIs, and cloud services.

Axway B2B Integration (B2Bi) provides a secure, API-enabled approach to EDI that lets you respond faster to evolving business demands. Engage customers and partners securely across your entire digital ecosystem with flexible deployment either on-premises or in the cloud.

Axway B2B integration platform in the cloud is an always-on service that supports the latest regulatory standards, cutting operational risk and costs. It becomes easier and cheaper to support even more transactions and consolidate different B2B solutions used today with capabilities such as:

· Partner and community management, to quickly onboard and provision your vendors and their endpoints.

· B2B communications, to connect your enterprise to all your partners to quickly communicate using their preferred standards and protocols, all with the highest levels of security and availability.

· Mapping and orchestration, to easily onboard new trading partners using one of the richest libraries of B2B application formats and adapters on the market.

· Real-time visibility, to gain real-time EDI visibility into everything that is happening among all applications inside your enterprise and throughout your B2B ecosystem to meet SLAs.

· e-Invoicing with Axway PEPPOL Access Point that can be easily added to Axway B2Bi, allowing you to exchange invoices and business documents.

Type of user that benefits from the offer

For most mature organizations already using B2B/EDI solutions, risk mitigation is a key concern as their business continuity is at stake. Ensuring service levels commitment for B2B/EDI operations will continue to be met means addressing human and technical challenges.

Organizations need to regain trust on how to operate tomorrow their B2B/EDI operations while reducing costs and achieving more flexibility for their next infrastructure and business demands based on APIs and more. Thanks to Axway B2B Integration platform they can unleash innovation with a B2B integration solution that combines EDI, APIs, and cloud services.

Typical sponsors are heads of supply chain, logistics, business operations with Functional LOBs, CIO, Enterprise Architects, Application Architects and Integration teams.

Customer needs that the offer addresses

Organizations need to stay ahead of the competition and drive business growth with more innovation for their B2B/EDI operations. They need to:

· Interact across your business, supply chain, and trading community with one B2B integration solution

· Cut human involvement and speed responses with DevOps-friendly configuration and operational APIs

· Integrate cloud apps with low-code/no-code integrations into your B2B processes As B2B Integration

Even more, security and compliance in a context of doubts and uncertainty for the future, lead IT decisions makers to look for externalization solutions in the cloud to help them better concentrate their resources on their service delivery.

Please note that the example pricing listed on this page represents a standard, entry-level configuration. To view a demonstration, receive a solution tailored to your specific needs or receive a pricing proposal, please contact .

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